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BEZA Scholarships

Youth Empowerment Scholarship (YES) Fund:

Channeling generosity

Your generosity allows less fortunate people to have an opportunity to grow through the Academy. Though our teachings are offered without charge, our Youth Empowerment Scholarship (YES) Fund helps subsidise anyone who has an authentic need to cover accommodation, transportation, or material costs incurred to attend retreats or workshops.

We evaluate the application based on a matrix of economic, demographic, interest and experience, number of applications, and historical relationship with BEZA. Applicants can receive up to a 75% scholarship.

BEZA Scholarships:

  • To make in-person retreats accessible for unemployed or low-waged South African youth, and help foster diversity, equity and connection across the socio-economic spectrum, BEZA raises money through our Youth Empowerment Scholarship (YES) Fund, to subsidise what it would cost a participant to attend our training.
  • Applicants can receive up to a 75% Scholarship depending on the outcome of your evaluation. All applicants must be prepared to contribute a minimum of 25% of the cost to host and get you to an in-person retreat (tuition is free).
  • We evaluate the application based on a matrix of 1) the economic need of the applicant; 2) supporting diversity; 3) applicant’s retreat interest and experience; 4) number of applications received; 5) historical relationship with BEZA; and 6) available funds.
  • If you would like to attend one of our retreats please fill out the application form below.
  • Though all BEZA teachings are DANA based, there are costs involved for us to host in-person retreats. We pass the costs of accommodation, food, transport, and any material or training costs on to retreat participants.

Scholarship Application Form:

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Please consider days off work, transportation costs, and your monthly budget.
Please tell us your intention and experience or experience you wish to gain from attending this retreat.
Help us to create a diverse retreat experience for all. Please check ALL that apply.
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