Community Council

The Way of Story

“There is an immense need now, more than ever, to slow down, to listen with heart, and speak with wisdom.”

Community Council Training (Talking Circle)

Do you want to develop effective, empowering, truthful expression, and trust in your circles?

At BEZA we train community and group facilitators, equipping them with essential tools to build and maintain the growing need for community connection. To find solutions to our challenges as a collective we gather in Community Council to recognize and honour our shared humanity and interconnectedness. When trust is cultivated, one’s heart’s wisdom and truthful expression has what is needed to build purposeful alignments and effective collaboration. This, in turn, reinforces trust and fosters much needed resiliency, flexibility and reliability in all relationships.


19:00PM – 21:00PM

Training sessions happen online via Zoom

BEZA Community Council training is by donation.

Weekly Community Council

*Training is required to join the online sessions:

Every Wednesday

19:00PM – 21:00PM

Sessions happen online via Zoom

We plant a tree for every training you attend. In this way you regenerate both your inner and outer environment.

Becoming a student with Earth School over the last 5 months has been one of the most beautiful experiences that I have committed myself to. I have and continue to explore the depths of myself and encounter radical healing in my life. Nangaku’s open hearted way is a privilege to experience and witness, he is generous with his wisdom and his time and has a profound capacity and love for all beings and Mother Earth. It has been an honour to learn from him and grow as an individual in a loving, abundant, wholehearted and nurturing space. Thank to Nanagku and to this growing community of truly beautiful people. Makhosi.


Benefits of Community Council

Journey to Wholeness

Join together to walk side-by-side with others on the journey to wholeness and deeper relationships. In togetherness, be with others who are on the sacred journey of authentic expression and have not yet arrived. You get to remove the hats that you normally wear as a manager, counsellor, friend, leader etc. and be yourself without the need to play a ‘role’. Members of the group are allowed to go to whichever height or depth they feel comfortable with when sharing while practicing to be genuine and heartfelt at all times.

Building Trust

Be held by members of the talking circle who endeavour to be worthy of each other’s trust. They understand that you are the only one who should tell your stories. Feel safe and free to feel whatever is inside, to talk about it, and not be told you how you should feel. Be nourished and realize the value of the giving and receiving of words spoken from the heart. Learn to practice talking through differences and challenges that may be occurring in a group or in your life and how to remain present and open to bring resolution.

Learn communication skills

Learn the Community Council agreements and protocols designed to hold members mutually accountable to the purpose and values of non-violent, healthy communication. Learn to practice active listening and empower yourself and the speaker by avoiding the need or feeling of rescuing people from their life experience. Gain a clear understanding on how to set up and facilitate a Community Council circle and how to bring this methodology into your own relationships and community.

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