Regeneration Ambassador Programme (RAP) for Schools

Organic Emergence, in collaboration with selected schools, sells and plant thousands of trees to RESTORE the environment. Funds derived from the RAP initiative finances the empowerment of our future young leaders.

Schools & Learners benefit from RAP

  • Unite and engage learners, parents, and teachers in fun campaigns that benefit youth empowerment, employment training, and environmental restoration
  • Free life-skills and environmental workshops for scholars
  • Free outings to impact sites where students learns practical knowledge about environmental restoration while planting trees
  • Funds to support the Greening of your School
  • Free environmental leadership training for identified youth who return as role models and support your school’s future environmental ambassadors

How RAP works

  • Select an appropriate grade through which you school will sell trees.
  • Organic Emergence will ‘onboard’ all teachers, administrators, and learners with mobile app functionality to plant trees.
  • Learners promote the planting of trees to friends and family in a fun, competitive, motivational, and educational environment.
  • Partner with corporate and community organisations and double your impact
  • For every tree sold, 25% is allocated to your school’s GreenFund to support environmental initiatives from renewable energy, recycling, or food growing programmes.

Sell 1000+ trees per year and receive

  • A fully paid day visit for the participating grade to an impact site inclusive of transportation, lunch, workshops and tree planting.
  • Our School Environmental Ambassador (SEA) Program where SEA’s from participating schools gather for a free 5 day environmental leadership immersion inclusive of lodging, food, workshops, life-skills and leadership training.
  • R50,000+ for your school’s Green Initiative
  • Acknowledgement for funding our YES Fund where at-risk-youth are supported with job training, empowering life-skills, tuition, food & accommodation.

Plant a Tree for $10 (R200)

Regenerating generosity

The first schools formed under the shade and generosity of trees. Your *first entry through any of the branches or BEZA gateways is a commitment to regenerating your personal, internal wholeness. Accordingly, we mirror your commitment by regenerating our collective, external environment by planting an indigenous tree on your behalf. 

*When you register for any of our offerings please indicate whether it is your first entry into the Academy’s training matrix.

*Additionally, you will also be asked if you would like to double your regenerative efforts by planting a second tree on behalf of another for $10 (R200)