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  • It is our intent to assemble a diverse group of students who would work well together as a cohort. Please answer all  questions honestly. Be as detailed and concise as possible. Leave any questions blank if you do not wish to provide  an answer.
  • Taking the time to complete the application will help you and BEZA discern whether this training is appropriate for you at this time.
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I am applying for the following training (Check ALL that apply):
Given the nature of the Elemental and transformational work it would be helpful to be aware of your general state of health. Please enter “In Good Health” if you have no relevant health concerns that the facilitators should be aware of. For example: Are you taking any psychiatric medication, antidepressants, heart or blood pressure medications? Do you suffer from migraines? Do you struggle with stress and/or sleep deprivation? etc. ?
If so, please describe your practice and frequency / minutes per week? Enter NONE if you are a beginner.
Enter NONE if you are a beginner.
We would like to know who or what you look to for encouragement, purpose, or inspiration.
Describe a moment when you felt inspired to do or create something important to you. What was the idea/feeling? What did you do to bring it into reality? Did you succeed? What journey did it take you on? What important life lessons did you learn along the way?
Have you participated in any of these BEZA offerings? Please check ALL that apply.
The suggested Dana Donation is R1000-2000 per module or R5000-10000 for all 5 Modules. Please check ALL that apply.
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